University of Maryland, College Park
Master of Science of Information Management (Aug 2017 - May 2019)
I recently graduated with my Masters degree in Information Management from the College of Information Studies (iSchool) at the University of Maryland. I'm currently looking for full time opportunities as a Data Analyst.
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida-India.
Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology (July 2012 - Jun 2016)
This is where I began my journey as an Engineer. I studied a wide range of subjects like Web Application Engineering, Data Mining, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Managerial Economics, Multimedia Development, Project Management, Cryptography. I worked on developing many websites and solving data mining problems.
Business Analyst Intern (May 2018 - Aug 2018)
  • Gathered web UI requirements, developed and deployed web UI for retrieving data using a cloud service (Agile Central/Rally)
  • Created a command line interface for Rally tool to update and edit features using command line arguments.
  • Created a classification model to classify if a bug is a regression bug or not using python libraries
Software Engineer (Feb 2017 - Jul 2017)
  • Developed and tested a data entry portal using .NET 4.0, currently being used by Department of Economic and Statistical Analysis, Haryana, India to make financial policies for the state of Haryana.
  • Designed and managed database using SQL Server 2010.
System Engineer Trainee (Feb 2016 - Aug 2016)
  • Designed an automated Library Management Portal on Enovia V6 platform using Product Lifecycle Management concepts (PLM).
  • Responsible for testing the flow of entire application and generating Test Cases.
Graduate Assistant (Jan 2018 - May 2018)
  • Teaching Assistant for the courses Statistics for Information Professionals and Object-Oriented Programming for Information Professionals.
  • Designed the course structure and created assignments in Python and R.
  • Python
  • R
  • MySQL
  • Node JS
  • Tableau
  • Oracle
  • Hadoop Technologies
  • Java
  • College Park,Maryland,USA.


  • +1(240)-714-0879